Are You Holding On To Your Past?

Everyone has a past that has either teach them, shape them, or tie them up. The past does not determine your future. People come from different backgrounds that have become a part of their identity. If we were to take a poll to see how many successful people have come from a broken home, abusive relationship, poor economic status, and exposure to drugs, the numbers would be astonishing. The struggle to rise above childhood adversities is far more common than people think. The question is how to overcome it and allow yourself to flourish.

Road To Recovery

One of the biggest steps to start healing from the past is acknowledgment. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the past are important in beginning to reshape the present for a better future. There are traumatic events that people go through growing up that are left untouched, unspoken, which are slowly holding them back from living their lives.

Counseling is one way to start peeling those layers and to rebuild yourself back up. Finding a safe place and someone that you can trust is important to help navigate through those unwanted memories. Furthermore, the biggest problem that people face when it comes to childhood traumas is self-blaming. It is extremely important to let go of that guilt, shame, and blame. As a child you are innocent and dependent on your parents, do not hold yourself accountable for something that your younger self had no control over.

Just Before You Go…

Blaming yourselves and others will create barriers over time that will interfere with your progress. Sometimes the parents wish to create a better outcome for their children, but they are stuck in the same unproductive environment. Moreover, they have barriers that they have not addressed. It is challenging for these parents to rise above their current situation to provide a safe place for their children.

Barriers can be used as a catalyst for you to better yourselves. It is important to identify where you were, where you are now, and where you would like to be. You do not have to be a victim of your past. Use the past as a motivation to bring out the best in you and to become a better person for your future children.
What are some ways are you dealing with your past?

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  1. Rose Cler says:

    Great post. Failure to acknowledge the past does take a toll on many people. I did not come from a family that was stable financially. I know growing up my parents were not able to provide for me as they wanted. I used that obstacle to better myself and to provide a better life for my parent and my current family. As you mention, ones success is not based on their economic status. Thank you for providing these encouraging posts!

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