Have you discovered your gift yet?
Everyone is born with the inner capability to perform specific skills. Many of these skills are evident during early childhood. As children, the imagination is wild, and they can envision the dream that most of us yearn for as we get older. In today’s society, gifts and talents are obliged to conform to the norms. The environment focuses on providing a necessary education, which sometimes suppresses someone’s gifted talents.

What is that one thing that never leaves your mind and that people always point out to you? Some people can write, while others speak so eloquently that it is effortless to them. You might be able to paint a portrait within minutes of looking at someone. Others just have the perfect pitch. Someone can have more than one gift, and it is up to them to decide which they want to nurture. Some individuals have a nurturing personality; hence they provide unique caring services. People should be able to refine their skills and showcase them to the world.

“Talent comes from God. If you have been given some, then value it, cultivate it, work and develop it.”

Denzel Washington

Some people are stuck in everyday routine while they have talents that could offer them better opportunities. We get comfortable in our current situation and become immune to the possibility of bettering ourselves through our skills. Many people are afraid to display their inner gifts because of possible rejection and misunderstanding. Sometimes taking the leap of faith and having the confidence in your gift is all that you need. Opportunities and ideas will come knocking once you take that first step.


“Pay attention to the gift and the world will pay attention to you.”

― Nicky Verd

Discovering your gift can be liberating. It will allow you to live a more meaningful life. With your talent, you can make a difference in someone’s life. It is your time to listen to your inner voice and trust yourself enough to allow your gift to flourish.

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