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What would you do if you could turn back the time? Time is intangible, priceless, and it is irreplaceable once it’s gone. The world is so full of distractions that we sometimes lose track of how precious time is. So many times, we overlook how quickly time is slipping away. Some people wish they could…


Have you discovered your gift yet?Everyone is born with the inner capability to perform specific skills. Many of these skills are evident during early childhood. As children, the imagination is wild, and they can envision the dream that most of us yearn for as we get older. In today’s society, gifts and talents are obliged…


Self-discovery is multi-faceted. There are so many aspects that you as an individual will need to work on to attain self-confidence. Self-confidence is the belief in yourself where as self-esteem is knowing that you are valued and mattered. Self-confidence is critical in learning new things and allowing yourself to grow. Both self-confidence and self-esteem can…


Too thin? Too big? Too Short? Too Tall? Despite growing up with many aspirations, dreams, and attainable goals, they are often overshadowed by our imperfections. Everyone is born with hidden talents that can only be discovered through experiences and exposures to certain life circumstances. Yet, we sometimes let our flaws take the best of us….


Are You Holding On To Your Past? Everyone has a past that has either teach them, shape them, or tie them up. The past does not determine your future. People come from different backgrounds that have become a part of their identity. If we were to take a poll to see how many successful people…


Who are YOU? What makes YOU different? Self is defined as the inner being with the characteristics that separate you from others. How do you perceive yourself? Self is present from the day that someone is conceived. Each unborn child has a defined trait, genetic makeup, and personality that are unique to him or her….

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